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  1. Eugene

    In the autumn, they did not have time to add dolomite flour to the site. Sprinkled in December on the first snow. Is there any sense of this treatment? Or will it have to be repeated in the spring?

    • "Do it yourself"

      - If the area is flat (spring, it does not erode the meltwater), then re-entering the spring is optional. In fact, calcium and magnesium carbonates (from dolomite flour) are slightly soluble and move slightly in the soil (they will not disappear from your site).

      At the same time, such a low mobility in the soil necessitates the introduction of dolomite flour and other calcareous ameliorates under the main tillage (digging), in order to ensure a more uniform distribution of calcium and magnesium carbonates in the arable layer. Therefore, in spring, it is advisable to dig up the area or loosen it to the depth of 10-15.


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