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Since the bulk of content on the site is generated by users (sent in text form by site visitors within the framework of the authors' compensation program) then in some cases on the site can be published articles that (possibly) can violate anyone's rights. In this case, you can inform us about this, in order to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of copyright protection, provided for in Part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in accordance with which:

Free use of the work for information, scientific, educational or cultural purposes... is allowed without the consent of the author or other rightholder and without payment of remuneration, but with the obligatory indication of the author's name, the work of which is used ...

The claim / complaint must include:

Name of applicant (Full name - for individuals, full name of the organization - for legal entities);
Location address - for legal entities, the address of registration and (or) residence - for individuals (the index, the republic, the region, the city, the locality, the street, the number of the house, the corps, the apartment / office), that is, the address where the operator follows send a response to the complaint / complaint, e-mail address;
Data of the certificate of state registration of the organization - for legal entities; data of an identity document (passport or document replacing it) - for individuals (not mandatory);

In the complaint / complaint it is necessary to indicate the basis for its presentation and the essence of the claim / complaint. In case of posting on the site of any materials / documents / information, etc. infringing the copyrights, it is necessary to indicate the full links of the specific page (s) of the site on which the information and materials are posted. Copies / scans of documents must be attached to the claim without fail, The rights of the applicant to copyright objects (or links to such documents).

Claims written anonymously are not accepted or considered.

If the above conditions are met, we will either (at the author's option) pay the author's fee or, upon the first request, remove the content belonging to him.

Also we draw your attention to the fact that:

Grazhansky kodez RF, Part 4, Chapter 70, Article 1274. Free use of the work for information, scientific, educational or cultural purposes.

1. It is allowed without the consent of the author or other rightholder and without payment of remuneration, but with the obligatory indication of the author's name, the work of which is used, and the source of borrowing.

1) quotation in the original and translated into scientific, polemical, critical or informational purposes of legally published works in a volume justified by the purpose of citing, including the reproduction of excerpts from newspaper and magazine articles in the form of press reviews;

2) the use of legally published works and excerpts from them as illustrations in editions, radio and television broadcasts, sound and video recordings of educational nature in a scope justified by the goal;

The site is a free community (collective blog) of the authors. Copyrights to the published materials belong to the authors, exactly as the responsibility for the illegal use of other people's products lies with users who publish their materials. The administration of the site, for its part, takes measures to prevent copyright infringement.

About the site - general principles of functioning:

The site (and its mirrors) is created and maintained exclusively on a voluntary basis by a group of like-minded people.

All information posted on the site is taken from open sources or sent by visitors to the site.

All rights to trademarks and trademarks are property of their respective owners (legal owners).

For all questions, including the placement, clarification or correction of any information on our resource, you can contact the contact email below.

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Collaboration with authors

If you are not only a home craftsman, a craftsman and a mastak do it yourself, but you also take or do custom work on any type of repair, construction, design or manufacture of any things from furniture to matchbox toys or basket weaving. examples of the work you have done to us - whether it is self-production of furniture or construction or something else, it can be anything, send us photos of things you have done or works you have done and a description of how this is done, even the shortest, and we will publish it on the pages of our website “How to make it yourself, with your own hands” with your coorodinates and a contact phone for those who want to order your services ...

Remember - live examples of your work - your best advertising!

Texts and photos taken from other sites are not accepted for publication.

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Privacy Policy

The administration of the site (further referred to as the Site) respects the rights of visitors to the Site. We unreservedly acknowledge the importance of the privacy of the personal information of visitors to our Site. This page contains information about what information we collect and collect when you use the Site. We hope that this information will help you make informed decisions about the personal information we provide.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Site and to the information collected by this site and through it. It does not apply to any other sites and does not apply to third party websites from which links to the Site may be made.

Collection of information

When you visit the Site, we determine the domain name of your provider and the country (for example, "" "" or "") and the selected transitions from one page to the other (the so-called "conversion flow activity") .

The information we receive on the Site can be used to make it easier for you to use the Site, including but not limited to:

- organization of the Site in the most convenient way for users

- providing the opportunity to subscribe to the mailing list for special offers and topics, if you want to receive such notifications

The site collects only personal information that you provide voluntarily when you visit or register on the Site. The term "personal information" includes information that defines you as a specific person, for example, your name or e-mail address. While you can view the content of the Site without going through the registration procedure, you need to register to use some functions, for example, leave your comment on the article.

The site uses the technology "cookies" ("cookies") to create statistical reporting. "Cookies" is a small amount of data sent by a website that your computer's browser stores on your computer's hard drive. The "cookies" contain information that may be necessary for the Site, to preserve your viewing options and collect statistical information on the Site, i.e. what pages you visited, what was downloaded, the domain name of the ISP and the country of the visitor, as well as the addresses of third-party websites from which the transition to the site went on. However, all this information is in no way connected with you as a person. "Cookies" do not record your email address and any personal information about you. Also this technology on the Site uses the installed counter of Spylog / LiveInternet / etc.

In addition, we use standard Web server accounting logs to count the number of visitors and evaluate the technical capabilities of our Web site. We use this information to determine how many people visit the Site and organize the pages in the most convenient way for the users, to ensure that the Site conforms to the browsers used, and to make the content of our pages as useful to our visitors as possible. We record information on movements on the Site, but not on individual visitors to the Site, so that no specific information regarding you personally will be retained or used by the Site Administration without your consent

To view the material without cookies, you can configure your browser to not accept cookies or notify you of their sending (they are different, so we advise you to consult the "Help" section and find out how to change the machine settings by " cookies ").

Sharing information.

The Site Administration under no circumstances sells or gives away your personal information to any third parties. We also do not disclose the personal information provided by you, except as provided by law (specify the country where the server is located).

The administration of the site has a partnership with Google, which places on a paid basis on the website pages advertising materials and ads (including, but not limited to, text hyperlinks). Within the framework of this cooperation, the Administration of the site brings to the attention of all interested parties the following information:

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Denial of responsibility

Remember, the transmission of personal information when visiting third-party sites, including partner sites, even if the website contains a link to the Site or the Site has a link to these websites, is not subject to the provisions of this document. The Site Administration is not responsible for the actions of other websites. The process of collecting and transmitting personal information when visiting these sites is governed by the document "Protection of Personal Information" or similar, located on the websites of these companies.

The author of the articles, the administrator of the domain, the administrator of the site, as well as any participants who can be attributed to the creation of the publication do not bear any responsibility, for actions on the site of or inaction, for physical, financial, moral or any other damage . Remember: by reading, commenting or taking any other part in the work of the site, you accept this condition of use. All data received from users is never used for personal or any other purposes by the administration of the site or by third parties. Attention! By publishing the data you provide them with free access, in this regard, the data can not be considered personal, and representing commercial value.