Do it yourself - a householder and a housewife!

Every master knows that any thing made or built with his own hands brings joy even in the process of its manufacture.

all with own hands

Before you, dear reader, a site for a successful householder and housewife, which is a kind of notebook, or a compendium of a wide variety of advice on housekeeping without attracting outside assistance - that is, with your own hands and nothing else.

Most of the tips are tested by us, or sent by readers and regular subscribers, home masters and craftsmen.

We are always glad to receive from you a photo and a description of what you have built or made with your own hands, since our site is yours and our life experience. The most interesting advice on the construction and manufacture of furniture, stoves and other homemade things, we not only publish, but also financially encourage the authors, because creativity should always be rewarded ...

We do not limit the authors' fantasy in any way - we will be equally happy to receive advice like building a warm house, a garage, or a bath with our own hands, and making a beautiful flowerpot or a self-made candlestick. We wish you warmth, peace of kindness and comfort to our readers and success in understanding the secrets of home craftsmanship.