1. Natalia Vyazlova, Soligorsk

    A good mattress today is worth a lot. But is it possible to return the old mattress with a non-removable cover to its former cleanliness and freshness at home? Tell me, how can I remove stains without the use of chemicals?

    • "Do it yourself"

      Proper care and regular cleaning of the mattress is the guarantee of the health of any family. I propose to use an effective tool without chemistry, which will help to quickly remove almost any stains.
      To improve the efficiency of cleaning, the mixture is prepared immediately before application. I mix 3 st.l. soda and 230 ml of hydrogen peroxide in any clean bottle with a nebulizer. After the soda is dissolved, I add a drop of soap or dish detergent. I shake the bottle. Then I splash the ready stain remover onto the soiled places on the mattress. I leave the foam to work on 5-10 min. I wait until the stain dries. Remains of the mixture are vacuumed. No stains and smell!

      The remaining solution is not stored, since it loses its properties.
      Tatiana Olshevskaya

  2. Vladimir SOCHOB

    Bed against sciatica
    Today, many have appreciated the benefits of beds with orthopedic mattresses. Lying on them, we unload the spine, and this avoids the painful sensations associated with its deformation, for example, with radiculitis.
    But it is not necessary to buy an expensive bed, it is quite possible to make even the beginner master himself. You should buy only the mattress itself and the orthopedic base for it with specially curved lamellae. Already on such a structure it is quite possible to sleep. But it is better, of course, to make an attractive frame for this bed.
    In comparison with the old times, when the bedstead was supposed to provide the strength of the structure, it is now just an entourage, since all the loads are borne by the orthopedic base.
    I decided to make a bed with a comfortable upright box for the pillow and blanket. How it turned out can be seen in the photo. Moreover, the manufacture of a greatly simplified
    stylo use of a furniture board. Practically, I had to saw only three long side panels (one of them serves as a wall so as not to rub against the wallpaper during sleep). Since they are sold two meters in length, it was necessary to fit them to the length of the orthopedic base, which was equal to 1,9 m. If we take into account the thickness of the front and rear walls (18 mm), then the length of the sides turned to 193,6 cm. The width of each sidewall is 30.
    The length of all other details is “tied” to the width of the mattress and, therefore, the orthopedic base. I will give calculations for a bed with a mattress 80 cm wide: front and back walls - 80 x 40 cm; sidewalls, bottom and cover of a box for linen -80 x 30 cm, door of a box - 80 x 20 cm; drawer front wall (from bottom to
    doors) - 80 x 50 cm (the bottom is attached just above floor level); the box and the frame are made separately, and then attached to each other, you can fasten them with screws.
    All parts are connected with dowels (on glue) and metal corners. The door is attached using piano loops, but is held in a vertical position by furniture magnets. The back of the box is sewn with a sheet of fiberboard.
    When the frame of the bed is assembled, an orthopedic base is inserted into it, and a mattress is placed on it. My making a bed took four hours.


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