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    Can I treat the plywood with a thicknesser? I make doors with panels of plywood, in which only one side has a beautiful pattern. To both sides look attractive, without increasing the thickness of the fillet, I remove some of the material from the back side of the two blanks, and then glue them together. This method works well, but can you recommend it?

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      Yes, you can apply this method, but sooner or later you will find two main drawbacks, because of which it is better to avoid it. First, the glue that connects the layers of plywood veneer leads to a rapid blunting of the knives. (The same applies to other sheet materials, such as MDF and chipboard). And when planing through the fibers, long thin chips, similar to straw, are formed, which can accumulate in clods, clogging the branch pipes and ducts of chip removal systems. In the future, when you need a plywood with two faces, it is advisable to use pieces of thinner plywood for gluing or glue the back side of the parts with veneer.


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