1. Maria Izotova, Belgorod.

    For warmth and beauty, our house has been covered with a "fur coat" (cement mortar was thrown over the main plaster with "splashes") for warmth and beauty, and painted on top. Repeatedly we carried out external repairs: we patched pieces of the "fur coat" that had fallen off and painted the house anew. Since the walls were painted in one color, and the base, platbands and corners in another, we had to buy 2-3 different paints. Over time, a bunch of jars with remnants of different colors have accumulated.
    Outside, the barn and toilet were whitewashed, we decided to radically change the appearance of these buildings, using the remains of paint. We washed off the whitewash, renewed the plaster, primed the surface. The street toilet was left white on top, the bricks were painted in different colors, and each plank of the wooden plank door was painted in the color of the rainbow spectrum, the walls were also painted from the inside (photo 1, 2).
    To get the missing colors, yellow paint was mixed with red, red with blue, etc. The lesson turned out to be so exciting that our children volunteered to paint the shed, and even brought their friends! The shed turned out like a toy house from a fairy tale. You leave the house and your mood improves! This year, husband Valery painted iron garden stairs, outdoor stools, iron weights for morning exercises, and a pipe on the roof.

    How and with what to paint the basement of the house with your own hands - a review of materials


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